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Lash & Brow Boudoir is where we dedicate ourselves to making your eyes your most beautiful feature to flaunt!  Your eyes and eyebrows say a lot about you, and luscious lashes and brows are a sign of beauty, health and youth!  We are not your average lash technicians or threaders.  We are lash & brow artists, although some of our clients would also call us perfectionists! We've named our salon a 'boudoir', a French word referring to the room where you get dressed, whilst it can be relaxing and entertaining.  We want each client to feel like they've entered their bestie's home to get ready for an event.  That is, you are met with friendly and professionally trained staff where you can always feel you are will be well taken cared of. 



We aim to provide a relaxing and happy environment for both our clients as well as our staff.  We only use the highest quality products that we know are good enough for ourselves.  We will aim to give you our best service each and every time.  What sets us apart from other salons is the highest standard of care, knowledge and experience when it comes to all things relating to your brows and lashes.


The bottom line? We are passionate about all things brows and lashes, and will do everything we can to make yours the very best they can be!