Proud to call ourselves Richmond's only threading bar, the Lash & Brow Boudoir is where we dedicate ourselves to making your eyes your most beautiful feature to flaunt!  Your eyes and eyebrows say a lot about you, and luscious lashes and brows are a sign of beauty, health and youth!  We are not your average lash technicians or threaders.  We are lash & brow artists, although some of our clients would also call us perfectionists!



We aim to provide a relaxing and happy environment for both our clients as well as our staff.  We only use only high quality products that we know are good enough for ourselves.  We will aim to give you our best service each and every time.  What sets us apart from other salons is the highest standard of care, knowledge and experience when it comes to all things relating to your brows and lashes.


The bottom line? We are passionate about all things brows and lashes, and will do everything we can to make yours the very best they can be!



Lisa - Lash Stylist

Lisa is the owner and founder of Lash and Brow Boudoir.

Her many years of being a business owner ensures LBB are always of the highest standards.

Lisa’s  expertise lies in the art of eyelash extensions with over 5 years experience.

Her leadership skills along with her professionalism and perfectionist nature will ensure your lashes are always FULL FULL FULL!

Whilst Lisa isn’t running LBB she spends her time with her gorgeous dogs Millie and Bonnie.

 Lisa enjoys traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures .

 OH and Lisa LOVES pineapple on her pizzas!!!

Aman -Brow Stylist

Hiral - Microblading Tattooist

Our Salon Manager Aman is a true triple threat she has been with LBB since its very early days. 

Aman's expertise is in BROWS BROWS BROWS!  This lady is the definition of a perfectionist.

Aman is an all rounder with experience in lash lifts and sleek brows.
When Aman isn’t managing LBB she spends her time 3 gorgeous children. WOW, what a wonder women!
Aman's attentiveness and warm nature will ensure that your visit time is efficient but perfect just the way you like it.

 Hiral is LBB's very own EYEBROW SUPERSTAR!

 With over 10 years of brow shaping experience Hiral has mastered the art of FEATHER TOUCH TATTOOING!

 Hiral’s attention to detail and caring nature will ensure your brows are on FLEEK.

 Hiral is passionate, caring and loves what she does.  Call now to book a free eyebrow tattoo consultation…

 Or book online via www.lashandbrowboudoir.com/book

Mani - Salon Manager Prahran

Mani has been with us for 4 years now and specializes in sleek brows (eyebrow extensions).

Her eye for detail makes her an exceptional threader and a master brow stylist.

Her passion for all things eyebrows and 15 years experience will have you walking out looking perfected.

Mani’s kind heartedness and sense of humour will have you floating out of the salon wondering where the time went.


Whilst Mani is not perfecting brows she enjoys spending time with her family and decorating her house.

Jess - Assistant Manager & Marketing


This little pocket rocket has just joined our family at Lash and Brow Boudoir.

Jess has worked in the beauty industry for over 8 years and brings extensive marketing and lash training expertise to the salon.

Jess’ passions include travel and anything to do with makeup…So next time you pay us a visit be sure to give

Jess a shout…. You could even compare makeup collections!  

Diana - Lash Stylist

Diana has been lashing for over 8 years now. Her passion and expertise training in the art of eyelash extensions will ensure your lashes are always FLUFFY, FULL and ON FLEEK. 

 Now Miss D has a huge client base so book now before she books out.

 She may seem very quiet but we assure you it's just because she’s putting 100% of her attention into your lashes.

Whilst Diana isn’t lashing she loves all things health and fitness. Oh and did we mention Diana has a toy poodle named Rusty who is just to die for!

Manu - Lash Stylist

Manu has just joined us at LBB as a new Lash Stylist.

Manu has over 5 years experience in the art of eyelash extensions.

She enjoys doing full sets and loves it when a client requests dramatic lash effect so she can get creative.


Manu enjoys catching up on her favourite movies whilst she is not working her lash magic.

BOOK NOW with Manu for full, fluffy and glamorous lashes.

Wake up looking fresh and bright-eyed without lifting a finger! 

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