Taking care of your lashes is essential for a long lasting, beautiful looking set.  


Here’s a few tips to keep your lashes in check:  


1. As a general rule, post application we recommend avoiding moisture or water contact for the first 24 hours. This allows optimum time to allow the glue to bond and set.   P(lease note: Depending on the type of glue and extensions used, this time frame can vary).  


2.  Try not to play with your lashes. The more you touch them, the more oils from your fingers will get on them. Playing with them also leads to picking. Do yourself and your lash line a favour by AVOIDING PICKING AT ALL COSTS. This will result in an unhealthy, gappy lash line.   During Spring time, Melbourne is renowned for bad hay fever.  So if you get itchy eyes, take an antihistamine to avoid you rubbing your eyes.  


3.  Avoid oil based makeup and waterproof products on the eye area as much as possible. Oil breaks down the bonding agent in the glue and can cause premature shedding and or clumping – which can result in lash damage.  


4.  After the 24 hour period, cleanse daily using PROLONG LASH CLEANSER. Prolong Lash have specifically formulated an easy to use, pH balanced, foaming lash cleanser to gently remove oil build up, debris and makeup from your lash lash line and lashes. Cleansing prevents clumping that can be as a result of oil buildup and keeps them looking fluffy, prevents dropping and keeps them looking tidy. After cleansing, pat dry and gently brush using a spoolie brush (we give one to you after each lash appointment).  


5.  An oil free mascara may be used over classic lashes but  CANNOT be used over volume lashes as it closes & clumps the fans.  


6.  To maintain your lashes Lash And Brow Boudoir recommends refills at the 2-4 week mark where you will present with approximately 50% of your extensions left on. The amount of lashes you lose depends on lifestyle, skin type, lash cycle and how many lashes are applied. If you have lost more lashes than usual, please let us know so we can allow extra time to  give your lashes the extra TLC they need at your next appointment.  


HOT TIP: Book your next appointment in advance to upkeep your lashes and secure a booking – especially if you need an after hours or Saturday time slot. 

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