In case you don't know the difference, read ahead!


Eyelash extensions are semi permanent lashes that are individually applied to your natural lashes using medical grade glue adhesive. They are designed to grow and shed with your natural lash cycle and when cared for correctly, a full set can last up to 6 weeks.  


On the day of your appointment your lash technician will guide you through a consult to find the right length, thickness and curl – taking into consideration your desires as well.  We will always put your lash health first, so we will choose lashes that are safe and sustainable without  compromising your natural lash health.  

Depending on which set you choose, this relaxing treatment will last from 60min to 2 hours. So relaxing, most of our clients fall asleep.  So you could say our lash technicians, are also magicians. This is beauty sleep at its finest!  If you're not sure what to go for, and its your first time ever getting lash extensions, perhaps opt for the Classic Lite Set.  It will look like a beautiful one to two coats of mascara on your lashes, so you'll still feel like yourself. 

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For those who don’t like artificial lashes or are after something a little more understated, opt for our lash lift service.  If you're happy with your lash length and love the look of lifted lashes, this service means you no longer need to reach for your mascara and the lash curler.  Hello low maintenance lashes!!

Lash Lifts are a relaxing treatment, allowing you to lay back and relax in one of our reclining chairs, with little to no discomfort.  Perfect for those with blonde lashes or have very straight downward lashes.  So many clients are surprised how long their lashes look, after getting a lash lift and tint!


So what's the process you ask.  We first choose the correct rod to determine what kind of lift we want to achieve.  A chemical solution is then applied acting as a softener that helps to mould, lift and curl your lashes.  Lifted lashes open up the eyes and will last between 6-10 weeks with little to no maintenance!  

Lash Lifts are one of our most popular services, because we're extremely good at it!  We stock all the various size rods to achieve the curl to best compliment your eyes.  Therefore each lash lift is personalised to suit your eye shape and the curl you are after.   Pair your lash lift with an eyelash tint, and say good bye to mascara!  

If you're still unsure which one to go for, simply give us a call or speak to one of our friendly therapists. 


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