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Melbourne's Best Eyelash Extensions

Here at Lash & Brow Boudoir, we live and breathe lashes. What sets us apart from other salons is the highest standard of care, knowledge and experience when it comes to lashes.  All our Lash Extension Stylists have been certified by undertaking proper training.  We also stock the widest range of eyelash extension products. This means we can acheive the look you want when it comes to the curl, volume and length.  This ensures you get a customised look that suits your eyes and lifestyle.


Our Lash Extensions Come With A No Damage Guarantee!

We've seen many bad cases of poorly applied lash extensions which sometimes causes damage to your natural lashes.  With our many years of experience and eye for detail, we have a no damage guarantee. 


Deposits & Cancellation

Please note a deposit of $50 is required for all new lash extension sets to secure your booking time.  We require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice otherwise you will forfeit your deposit.   ($30 cancellation fee will apply to refill appointments in the event of a no-show or a cancellation/change with under 24 hours notice).

Flirty Set (outer edges)
​​45min - $80  
(up to 40 lashes per eye)

Our stunning barely-there, ultra natural cat-eye option. We focus on the outer edges and slowly fade out on the inner corners, leaving you with a super lightweight, feminine look for a great price!


Light Set
​​60 min - $110  
(up to 70 lashes per eye)

For the newbies wanting to give eyelash extensions a go.  See how we can enhance your eyes and have everyone guessing what you've done!  


​Medium Set - our most popular set!
90 min - $150  (up to 100 lashes per eye)

Our most popular classic eyelash set. Eyes appear bigger as lashes are more thicker and luscious, it gives the look of 2-3 coats of mascara!


Full Set
​​120 min - $180  
(an extension on every lash)

The full set is suitable for clients who already have naturally thick, fuller lashes and want to achieve maximum volume and intensity!

Lite Set

Russian Volume Lashes   
2D, 3D & 4D  lashes
Russian volume lashes is a multi-lash technique that creates volume to your natural lashes.  By using several ultra-fine eyelash extensions, our specialist last technicians will skilfully hand make these fans, to  apply it onto one of your natural lash.  The result is 'fluffy' luscious looking lashes that is super light-weight you won't feel it at all.  Best of all, because it is so lightweight and the technique means less glue is used, it is perfect for clients with sparse or fragile lashes. 
Volume Lashes LITE Set 
60 minutes - $130  
Perfect introductory set for those new to lash extensions! Soft & fluffy, a lite set will bulk up your lash line whilst still looking sutble. Allow 1 hour for this appointment.

Medium Set

Volume Lashes MEDIUM Set - our most popular set!
90 minutes - $180  
Our "Holy Grail" of Russian Volume Lashes. Our most popular set, guaranteed to give you full coverage without being over the top. Allow 1 hour & a half for this set.

Full Set

Volume Lashes FULL Set 
​​120 min - $220  
Our Russian Volume Full Set will volumize your lashes to a whole new level. Perfect for those wanting to make a statement! Allow 2 hours for this set. 
Lash ​Refills 


Maintain full, luscious lashes all year round!  Every lash refill appointment involves your lash technician carefully looking at each individual lash to make sure the extensions are sitting neatly and are well bonded.  Otherwise they are removed.  We then refill the lash extensions so that you achieve the set of lashes you want again.




Please note after  a period of 5 weeks, it is likely that some lash extensions will need to be removed as they would have grown out too much.  Therefore , a new set may be required.

We welcome new clients who come from other salons.  However, please note that depending on the standard of your lashes, we will charge based on time required to refill your lashes.  Your lash technician will consult with you when you come in for an appointment. 

Classic Refills

up to 2 Weeks (45 mins)   $65

up to 3 Weeks  (60 mins)  $80

up to 4 Weeks  (75 mins)  $100

up to 5 Weeks  (90 mins)  $130

Russian Volume 2D,3D Lashes
As Russian volume extensions requires skill and more time to remove the old extensions, we have based our pricing based on time frame required.  Therefore, the amount of weeks that has passed is used as a guide only.  We will always do our best to charge at a reasonable rate. We have based it on time required, as we believe this is a fairer way to charge clients, whilst allocatiing enough time to ensure we do a job where your lash technician is not rushed to ensure a flawless finish. 

up to 2 weeks (60 mins)   $85

up to 3 weeks (75 mins)   $105

up to 4 weeks (90 mins)   $135

Removal of Lashes

​$30 per half hour

If you've had lashes applied elsewhere and require removal, we can safely remove the extensions with our specially formulated gel remover.  Don't risk damaging your lashes doing it yourself!

Removal is complimentary when you get a new set applied by us.  * Conditions apply.   

Lash Lift

The latest in Lash Perming, our Lash Lift treatment is perfect for lifting and curling your lashes without mascara or lash extensions!


The Lash Lift curls your natural lashes upwards and locks them in place for up to 10 weeks. This treatment is perfect for straight lashes, or if you just want to wake up everyday with lashes that pop! Best in combination with a lash tint for dark luscious lashes.


Lash Lift  (45 min) - $85

Lash Lift & Lash Tint  (1hr )- $99

Hydration Treatment- Optional for additional $10

Introducing EyEnvy


The EXCLUSIVE Spa and Salon brand that will give you dazzling results.

Why EyEnvy?

With the combination of vitamins & strengthening peptides, this revolutionary formula helps improve the growth of your eyelashes and eyebrows by promoting healthy, stronger lashes. EyEnvy is also a complimentary product for eyelash extension wearers. 



EyEnvy is sold exclusively by professional salons.