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We specialise in threading to expertly sculpt your brows!


Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that is an all-natural solution.  This is done by twisting organic cotton thread and rolling it over the skin in a precise method  to gently lift the entire hair from the follicle, leaving silky smooth skin.


Benefits include:

  • No chemicals so better for the environment too!

  • Best alternative for sensitive skin.  As the chemicals present in wax can irritate your skin.

  • Protects the thin skin around the eyes.  Over time, waxing can result in skin loosening causing sagging skin.

  • No rashes or discoloration of skin.   It does not remove the top layer of skin like waxing does.  

  • Achieve well defined eyebrows

The Boudoir Experience -  $49

Our premium service for those who need a brow makeover. Our expert stylists will customise a treatment specifically designed for you.


This treatment includes brow cleanse, expert consultation, mapping, trimming, tinting, threading, waxing, tweezing & brow powder application. 

Eyebrow Tidy -  $23 

Just as the name suggests! A quick tidy-up to neaten and define.


Eyebrow Tinting - $16

Our brow tints are customised and carefully applied to ensure you acheive the perfect shade every time.


Eyelash Tinting - $24

For darker and more stand-out lashes, perfect for blonde or light-tipped lashes.  



Combo Deals

Eyebrow Tidy & Upper Lip Thread                             $32   (save $3)

Eyebrow Tidy + Brow Tint                                            $36   (save $3)

Eyebrow Tidy & Upper Lip Thread + Brow Tint      $45  (save $6)

Eyebrow Tidy + Brow Tint + Lash Tint                      $50  (save $13)

Full Face Thread                                                             $59  (save $27)

Facial Threading

Upper Lip or Chin             $12

Cheeks or Forehead        $12

Neck or Sideburns           $15


Sleek Brows 3D Brow Building


Sleek Brows is a full brow sculpting experience which includes 2
techniques; brow extensions and brow filling (using a brow paint). Brow extensions are just like lash extensions, applying fine and
natural-looking synthetic hairs to both the skin and existing hairs
- great for hair loss, scars and noticeable gaps in hair growth. The brow paint is like a waterproof and smudge-proof makeup, perfect for filling gaps and creating a fuller and more defined shape, and is applied in small fine lines to create the look of hairs.
One or both techniques can be applied to brows at once, depending on your needs.

1/4 Fill -  $30 

Perfect for those with fairly good brows but want to create a more defined shape on the inner corners, outer edges, or just too fill small gaps.

Approx. 30 synthetic hairs applied, 20 mins


1/2 Fill - $55

This option is great for slightly thinner brows wanting to add more volume and define inner & outer edges.

Approx. 60 hairs applied, 40 mins

Full Sculpt - $89

The Full Sculpt utilises both extensions and waterproof brow paint to completely makeover your brows! If you have very thin brows, very patchy brows or hair loss, this is the treatment for you.  INCLUDES a brow thread & tint.

Approx. 100+ hairs applied,  1hr treatment

Microblading Feather Eyebrow Tattoo 

What is feathered eyebrows?

Microblading Feather Touch Brow Embroidery Technique is a semi-permanent form of eyebrow feathering (lasting between 12-18months). 

The feathering technique means each stroke is carefully drawn on one by one to give the illusion of brow strokes. Hence a more natural look is achieved that will blend in with your existing brows.  The other procedure is using powder to fill in between the brows, and sometimes depending on your brows, a combination of both techniques are used.


It is done professionally with your therapist spending a considerable amount of time consulting with you first. Consultation involves discussing the shape and colour chosen for your brows. Your brows will then be drawn on so you get to see the shape before the procedure begins. Numbing cream is applied to keep any pain to a minimum.


A touch up session is highly recommended 4-6 weeks after your initial session to ensure the colour and shape is perfect.  (follow up session is $180).

The cost for a eyebrow feathering is $549.  This month in 2019 we have this available for $549 including touch up session.

Feel free to come in for a complimentary consultation. You can book by calling our Prahran on 98271951 or Richmond on 94296952.